3 Ways to Make Use of Financial Websites and Apps to Save, Shop and Invest

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Not everyone is financially literate and also does not have the luxury of having a financial advisor. Though you might not have time to go through the finance book, with the internet on your smartphones you can definitely go through the financial news websites. They help you in staying updated with the basic knowledge and then if you want you can delve deeper.


Nowadays there are many financial apps that help you save a considerable amount of money from small things. Let us see some of these ways:

1. Forced Savings: Many of us are not good at saving and need an instrument that makes us do forced savings. There are apps available these days where you can set a saving limit every time you swipe your card. These savings can be directed to your IRA (Individual Retirement Account), savings account or an investment account. These days, we swipe our card for most of the transactions and every time we do that a small amount goes towards savings. You don’t even feel the pinch as they go in small amounts.

2. Investments in Equities: Not everyone has time and passion as Buffet or Peter Lynch had, but we still like to invest in right equities and reap the benefits. There are financial news websites and apps that give the name of top five companies at any point of time or the top five mutual funds in various categories where you can invest. They will also tell which companies are in news and why. A little bit of research is enough for you to invest and be happy making use of these.

3. Day to Day Deals: The companies these days keep coming up with offers that are there for a particular day or time. We often don’t remember these offers. There are sites that allow you to make use of their virtual wallets to upload your cards and then recommend which card to use on a particular occasion to get the benefit of the reward program running at a particular time.

By making use of the financial news websites and various financial apps available, you can make yourself not only a competent investor but also can save with day-to-day deals.


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